Custom Systems



Would you like a new computer
tailored just for your needs?





Whether it's a system designed for maximum graphics and gaming or just to surf the internet, Mr. Schiller can custom build your system for you.

In addition, if you already own a computer, most systems can be transferred to the new computer including operating system, programs and data.

All systems are built with top name brand parts and are fully warranted.



Bob Schiller
Computer Repair Rye, New York
Computer Repair Rye Brook, NY
Computer Repair Rye Brook, New York
Computer Repair Scarsdale, NY
Computer Repair Scarsdale, New York
Computer Repair Sleepy Hollow, NY
Computer Repair Sleepy Hollow, New York
Robert Schiller
Virus Removal Rye, New York
Virus Removal Rye Brook, NY
Virus Removal Rye Brook, New York
Virus Removal Scarsdale, NY
Virus Removal Scarsdale, New York
Virus Removal Sleepy Hollow, NY
Virus Removal Sleepy Hollow, New York