Want a better computer
but don't want to buy a
whole new system?





Why not upgrade? In many cases you don't need to buy a new computer. No matter what system you have Mr. Schiller will tell you how much you can upgrade. Since most computers are modular the parts are interchangeable.

In many cases your existing components can be transferred into a new computer which will still save you money over buying a whole new system.
This will also preserve your programs and data, saving you the time of having to load all of them into a new computer.



Bob Schiller
Computer Repair Somers, NY
Computer Repair Somers, New York
Computer Repair Tarrytown, NY
Computer Repair Tarrytown, New York
Computer Repair Thornwood, NY
Computer Repair Thornwood, New York
Computer Repair Tuckahoe, NY
Robert Schiller
Virus Removal Somers, NY
Virus Removal Somers, New York
Virus Removal Tarrytown, NY
Virus Removal Tarrytown, New York
Virus Removal Thornwood, NY
Virus Removal Thornwood, New York
Virus Removal Tuckahoe, NY